Custom paintings

Paintings hand-painted to order are a unique and original addition to any interior – no two are the same, because each painting is painted individually, with a different brush stroke. In each painting you can see the artist’s passion, heart and commitment, which makes them unique.
It is this mixture that makes hand-painted paintings an addition to any arrangement, thanks to which it comes alive, becomes unique, but also elegant – well-selected works of art can become the center of the entire arrangement or make individual accessories blend together. bringing harmony to the interior.

Hand-painted paintings

Each of us has a different sensitivity to beauty and detail. In hand-painted paintings we notice not only colors and brush movements, but also small details that attract attention and intrigue. It is therefore no wonder that collectors and art connoisseurs eagerly choose custom-made paintings and hang them in their home art galleries.
For many people, contact with art is a way to calm down, but also to provide good inspiration – hand-painted paintings can be a starting point when we lack ideas for next steps. At the same time, they are still an excellent and unique interior design that is hard to ignore.

Painted paintings to order

Custom-made paintings have the advantage that they fit any interior – because they are created together with its creation. They are the glue that turns a room from an ordinary living room into an art gallery where everyone wants to spend at least a few minutes to get inspiration or calm down.
Hand-painted paintings fit perfectly into classic and rustic interiors, but they will also emphasize modern minimalism by adding a bit of color that we so much need. Hand-painted abstract paintings or geometric abstract paintings, as well as contrasts, are also good to introduce into retro-style interiors – the 80s love strong colors that bind various accessories together.

A hand-painted paintings is a perfect addition to any interior. Please contact us – let us introduce a painting to your home that will suit not only the walls, but above all, you. Let it be your inspiration and at the same time let it give you a sense of relaxation in your private art gallery. Custom paintings can be prepared in consultation with an interior decorator to complement your interiors with an artistic addition. You will also find unique proposals on the website.