Hand-painted abstract paintings

Abstract paintings have something non-obvious and hypnotizing about them – they trigger our sensitivity, but at the same time they intrigue us. They stimulate the senses, encouraging us to act or give us inspiration to create something new. Dried oil paint creates structures that you want to touch to be able to immerse yourself in the work of art.

An abstract painting on canvas also has something stunning about it, which fits perfectly with many different arrangements. It perfectly combines the worlds of minimalism and the madness of the soul. It emphasizes the loft austerity and at the same time adds a colorful flair to it.

Modern abstract painting on canvas

The most important thing in modern art is the dedication of the author, who not only translates his unique talent but also his heart onto the canvas by drawing various patterns with a brush that form abstract and yet coherent shapes. A large abstract painting will work great in the living room – not necessarily above the fireplace. It will be the center of the entire arrangement, which you simply cannot ignore. Paintings on canvas – abstract – are also worth hanging in spacious halls or vestibules. Although this place is not associated with creating a home art gallery, it will add warmth to the interior and reflect the character of the owners from the moment you enter.

Oil paintings on canvas – sale

If you dream of an abstract oil painting also appearing in your home, please contact us. You can buy hand-painted abstract paintings in our studio. A lot of heart, work and care has been put into each painting to best realize the vision and delight and intrigue all art lovers.

Abstract geometric oil paintings will be perfect as an addition to interiors – we invite you to browse the gallery and choose the work that has stolen your heart and soul. I believe that these modern paintings will be exactly what inspires and intrigues, encourages you to stare at it all the time and each time seduce the observer with another, previously unknown detail.

We can also produce an abstract painting on canvas upon special order – tell us what you would like to see on canvas, what colors surprise you, and I will try to implement it while maintaining my unique style that you like. Invite art to your home – hand-painted abstract paintings are waiting for you in my gallery, ready to soothe and intrigue you every day. We sell original paintings painted on canvas and oil paintings, perfect for the living room, office or public space.